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Rethinking the Traditional Construction Process

12/30/2014 // By admin

Earlier involvement between developers, design teams, and builders is a growing trend that we are seeing in the construction industry. And it’s one we are quite fond of at JRF. Even during the design process, we can work with the owner to ensure a comprehensive building plan that is both time and cost effective.

How the traditional process works

Typically, we are invited after the design process is completed to bid on a project via an architect or an owner. We then do extensive research to qualify each proposal, making sure it includes all required items and accounts for all plans and specifications. A detailed scope of work will also accompany our bid so the owner knows exactly what’s included in our proposal.

Although this process is customary, there are some potential disadvantages. The cost of the design, in terms of both time and money, has already been expended before the project cost is determined. If the project pricing is above budget, this requires rework of the design and multiple pricing iterations, which requires additional time and redesign fees. Bringing the owner, architect, and builder together as a team on the front end can eliminate these pitfalls.

Plan sooner. Build sooner.

Owners often see a loss in momentum between the design, bid, and production phases. Involving a trusted builder from the early stages eliminates that loss, which leads to quicker project completion.

Communication is key for a successful build, and the sooner that communication can happen the better. We like to work with developers/owners and their engineering firms early in the design stage. This allows for effective constructability meetings so we can better identify overall budgeting, pricing, and materials ordering. Doing all of this creates better lead times, which in turn allows a more aggressive build plan and gives us ample time to anticipate supplier and subcontractor schedules.

While early involvement is not appropriate for every build, it’s something we are doing more of in today’s market. From the blueprints to breaking ground, it allows for a much smoother process.

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