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Let's Discuss Your Project

Let's Discuss Your Project

Our Process

1. Define

The best time to ensure the success of a project is before it starts. We work closely with owners to understand their expectations, including scope, schedule, and budget. We then coordinate all drawings, specs, and construction management details around these goals.

2. Communicate

Clear definitions are only effective when they are clearly communicated—not only to the owner, but to all suppliers and subcontractors. Clear communication is key to bringing a project in on time, within budget, and to the expectations of all involved.

3. Deliver

This is the stage the outside world sees—massive dirt moving, concrete trucks spinning, steel rising from the ground. To most, this looks like the hard part. And sure, challenges will always occur, but with clear upfront definition and communication, this is the part those of us in construction live for.

4. Communicate

Once the building is up, communication again becomes a primary focus. We work with city officials, subs, and suppliers to ensure that the building and equipment has passed all inspections and is ready for occupancy. We provide closeout documentation on all warranty, operation, and maintenance information. This enables owners to manage their business and building on their own, while providing assurance that they have support down the road if needed.

5. Review

Our success is defined by our customers. Did we do our job in helping the owner reach their goals? Did we adequately define and communicate throughout the project? Where could we improve? For over 15 years, we’ve asked ourselves and our customers these questions after every project. And we will continue to review our efforts and improve as necessary to remain dedicated to owner satisfaction.

Together, we can make it happen.

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    Let's Discuss Your Project