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Curly’s was a special project for J.R. It’s located in a small town in Michigan where his family spends a significant amount of time. His great-grandfather actually built his first cottage on a lake nearby back in the 30s. Since then, it’s become a gathering ground for the Freiburgers. Now, whenever J.R. visits his family, Curly’s is their weekly stop for Friday night dinner.

The restaurant burned down in March of 2013. Because it was one of the only places in the area to dine, the community lost a bit of itself when the restaurant burned. The Earl family had owned the restaurant for 29 years before it burned. Being a complete loss, the only choice was to rebuild.

JRF Construction was given the opportunity to talk to the owners about this process, and after presenting our ideas and thoughts on our ability to help them manage the project, we were chosen for the assignment. J.R. was personally involved with much of the design, in coordination with Curran Architecture–who he engaged to complete the architectural design.

We worked closely with the owners to ensure the new restaurant was exactly what they were hoping for once completed. We coordinated all of their other suppliers and work through technical details to ensure once assembled, the new facility would function flawlessly.

The end result is a great combination of new–with hi-tech point-of-sale system, TVs, sound systems, and cooking equipment–complimented by a rustic feel that serves as a nod to the Curly’s of the past.

If you happen to be in southern Michigan, you have to try this great destination spot. You probably won’t just stumble upon it.

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